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Anyone who has been to a swim meet knows that it truly takes a village to run a Swim & Dive Meet, and it can not be done without parent volunteers. As part of team registration, we ask all families to sign up for at least five (5) meet volunteer slots throughout the season. We are sure that every parent can find a meet job that he/she enjoys. A description of the meet jobs is provided below.

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Swim & Diving Meet Jobs:

Diving Judge: Determines the score which is awarded after each dive. Diving Judges Clinic will be held by Coach Tarra.

Timer: This is the most popular meet job among both new and experienced swim parents. You use a stopwatch to time the swimmer in your assigned lane. There are three timers per lane.

Head Timer: The head timer serves as a back-up timer in case of a watch malfunction.

Time Recorder: One time recorder is assigned to each lane. The time recorder writes the official time (determined by the timers) for the swimmer in each race.

Runner: After each race, the runner collects the times from the timers in each lane and the judges’ slips and takes them to the scoring table. You stay on the move throughout the meet, so it’s great exercise.

Scoring Table: Scorers from each team record the results following each race/dive, and track the team scores. There can be some pressure at the table, and the job requires knowledge of the computer program (Meet Manager) used for the computerized scoring system.  The scorekeepers are critical to the success of the meet, and they are often the only ones who know which team is winning the meet.

Computer Meet Manager: This job requires knowledge of the Meet Manager program which runs the progress of the meet.

Place Judge: The place judge stands at the end of pool and observes the end of the race. He helps to decide the order in which the swimmers finish the event (i.e., who won). No technical knowledge of swimming is required, but it does require a keen ability to focus your attention for close races.

Place Judge Recorder: The place judge recorder writes the order the place judge calls when he is determining the order in which the swimmers finish.

Stroke & Turn Judge: These judges determine whether a swimmer touched the end of the pool during a turn and whether the technical aspects of the swimming stroke were legal. It requires knowledge of the US Swimming stroke regulations, and a willingness to fairly disqualify swimmers when appropriate. The Stroke and Turn Judge MUST attend a clinic which is run by the league. The Stroke & Turn Judges Clinic will be held in June, dates & times TBA.

Announcer: This is a great job for someone with a strong voice and an ability to correctly pronounce names. You announce the names of the divers/swimmers in each event and work with the Starter/Referee to keep the meet moving quickly and smoothly.

50/50: This is a great way to meet everyone at the meet. This is another club fund raiser at home meets. You sell the lottery tickets during the meet, and a drawing is held toward the end. The winner receives half of the money collected, and Sunny Willow gets the other half.

Team Marshal: The team marshals line up the 8 and 10 & under swimmers scheduled for upcoming events in the ready area, see them to the proper lane prior to the start of their race and help get them psyched up for their swim.

Team Treat Parent: This is a job only at home meets. In the Colonial League, each home team provides a “treat” to both teams at the end of the meet. You will be responsible for handing out treats (which are purchased by the team) at the end of the meet, usually as team members leave the pool grounds.

Water Distributor: This parent will distribute bottles of water to the volunteers and officials throughout the home swim meets.

Set Up/ Clean Up: You will arrive before the meet to help Set Up or stay after the meet to Break down/Clean up for home meets only.



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