Meeting Minutes- History

Sunny Willow Swim Club History

Taken from the minutes of the board meetings from the early 1960’s

Permit to build the pool was obtained by Robert Miller, chairman of the building committee on July 13, 1959

Sunny Willow was founded as a swim and ice skating club

The name Sunny Willow comes from two neighborhoods that helped form the club. Sunny Crest (Behind Sam’s deli) and Willow Manor (lower end of Jill Road)

The first season the pool operated was 1960, despite thirty one days of rain, there were 35,981 persons entering the pool, plus 2831 guests

In 1960 there were 117 families on the waiting list

In 1965 there were 183 families on the waiting list

Ice skating started in 1963, this only lasted two years

In 1960 every bond member was assessed $10.00 to cover lack of funds

Dues in 1960 were $13.00 per person up to four family members. Each additional family member was an additional $1.00

Well water was used until 1963

In 1963 it was decided to paint the black strips on the pool bottom

In 1963 the snack bar personnel were paid $1.00 per hour

The pool burned its own trash until 1963

In July of 1963 the first ever teen night was held on the pool grounds. 560 teenagers attended

1963 – the recent prolonged dry spell would have been disastrous to the pool had we not tied in with the Springfield water, as our wells have been dry for five days.

Fall 1962-  weather permitting, ice skating will be permitted from December 1st to March 31st, between the hours of 4:00 and 9:00 on weekdays, and 1:00 and 9:00 on weekends. No charge to members but guest fees will be .25 cents each

Spring 1963-  a report on the ice skating revealed that there were 32 skating days over the winter which drew a total of 3000 people, thus indicating that Sunny Willow has many skating enthusiasts as well as swimmers.

1963- President Walters acquainted the membership with a move afoot to build another swim club adjacent to our property. Apparently a group from Parkview Gardens has signed an agreement of sale with the proviso that it gets zoning approval. We were asked for our waiting list so they could enlist membership in their proposed club. One of our members Ray Miller, whose property abuts the tract in question, was approached to sell them some of his acreage. He not only refused but also registered his disapproval of their even considering an operation in such close proximity to two already established clubs (Burn Brae and Sunny Willow. Twining Valley golf course had a swim club at this time called Burn Brae) certainly this is of great concern to Sunny Willow, so close contact should be kept with the township on this matter.

July of 1961 the school board of Upper Dublin Advised Sunny Willow that a change in the school location of the new school (Thomas Fitzwater) was necessary. Test borings on the original site were not good enough for a firm foundation making it necessary to move the school from the Woodland Ave side of their property to  the opposite side. It will now be fronted by Sunny Willow’s access road (at this time Sunny Willow has an access road from North Hill Ave into our parking lot)
On July 16th 1962 Sunny Willow sold their access road from North Hills Ave to Upper Dublin for one dollar. This road is now known as School Lane.

Compiled By:  Gerry Davis  Club member since 1969

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